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About Manchester Mesivta

Manchester Mesivta Today

In 2011 Rabbi Binyomin Sulzbacher took over the leadership of the school, being appointed to the post of Prinicipal. Rabbi Sulzbacher is a successful Kodesh teacher having started teaching at Manchester Mesivta in 2002. The school has grown from strength to strength under his expert guidance. Various successful innovations were introduced to the school by Rabbi Sulzbacher, among them the weekly Ma Shelomadnu sheets, a Seudas Chaverim for Bar Mitzvah boys and a thriving daily Sixth Form Shacharis and learning program.

The school's definition of education is not limited to that of academic pursuits. It provides a full range of sports and extra-curricular activities and encourages its bovs to make a contribution to society by taking on much and varied social work. But, by far, it sees its most important task as being the development of the boys' characters as decent human beings, and in this task it can claim some not insignificant success.

The school's religious studies programme, covering the whole spectrum of Jewish topics including Ethics, Tannach, Gemorah, Halacha etc, is generally acknowledged to be amongst the highest standards in Europe and as such its boys are welcomed into the most prestigious Yeshivas worldwide. The thanks for this is in no small measure due to the ability and dedication of the teachers, for whom nothing is too much trouble when it comes to the advancement of their charges and who also take a personal interest in every aspect of their students' lives. The Kollel also play an active part, studying with pupils from across the school spectrum. We have a flourishing Sixth Form Learning program during the months of Nissan and during the state examination period.

The same is also true of the secular teaching staff who deserve a full measure of praise not only as educators but also as mentors, achieving standards of behaviour that are the envy of most schools.

The vast majority of our pupils continue to complete their GCSE and A Level examinations a year earlier than their peers and results in both GCSE and at A Level examinations speak for themselves and are amongst the highest in the country. Whilst the courses are very intensive and geared towards attaining high grade examination results, the school has not lost sight of its raison d'etre as an educational establishment and provides for a broader education outside the confines of the examination curricula. Boys are encouraged along their chosen paths, be they academic or vocational. Alumni statistics show that, approximately one third of ex-pupils become educators, a third enter the Professions whilst a third enters the business world.

This unique combination in a state school remains one of the most important and unchanging characteristics of the Manchester Mesivta as a Voluntary Aided School under the Bury LEA. HM Inspectors who have inspected the school, accepted that our dual day with concentrated Kodesh in the mornings and an extended afternoon of secular lessons, meets the criteria for efficiency demanded by the government. 

Becoming a Voluntary Aided school, there was a new emphasis on assisting children with learning difficulties and the school is justifiably proud of the work of its special needs departments.

The school is housed in state of art buildings which have been equipped with the latest computer technology, well equipped Science laboratories, a superb suite for design and technology and the central feature of the school being our magnificent Beis Hamedrash.

The school continues to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including a variety of day-trips, overnight trips and weekend trips for older pupils. The Pupils have participated successfully in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme for over 35 years.

There is an annual trip to Belarus where our sixth form have the opportunity to interact with pupils from the school in Pinsk headed by Rabbi Moshe Fhima, one of our alumni. They learn to appreciate the immense problems faced by Jewish teenagers in the CIS and understand more of their heritage from the great pre-war centres of Judaism and learning.

The school boasts a superb choir, currently led by Mr Martin Radnan, which for decades has been visiting various locations around Chanuka and Purim, bringing much joy to the elderly. The choir also performs for special school events.

The education of our pupils does not stop of the school gates; many pupils are involved in a number of chessed projects in the community and beyond. Many pupils volunteer for “The Friendship Circle”, an organization run by The Fed to assist less-able teens in the community. Others assist the elderly with craft projects. The sixth form prefects run the student charity which collects money in a variety of ways, which has benefitted many worthy causes around the globe.

The Manchester Community can truly be proud that it has in its midst such a world - class institution as the Manchester Mesivta which is itself proud to be able to play such an important role in Manchester's communal life.