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Press Release: New Chair of Governors for Manchester Mesivta

New Chair of Governors for Manchester Mesivta

January 2015

Manchester Mesivta has made a very promising start to the new scholastic year. The very encouraging results achieved by the top forms of the school last year have reinforced the Mesivta’s position as a premier senior school for teenage boys in Manchester. After 10 years of dedicated service at the helm of the governing body, Mr Irving Shapiro has recently retired from that position. His successor, Mr Avrom Topperman is himself an ex-talmid of the former Manchester Jewish Grammar School, and has retained his attachment to his alma mater for many years.

Mr Topperman learned in Gateshead Yeshivah and later in Mir Yerushalayim. Following his professional qualification, he took up practice as a solicitor in Manchester. A member of the Sha’arei Mordechai kehilloh in Prestwich, Mr Topperman is a founder member of the Prestwich Orthodox Jewish Community Council. In this position, he has gained much experience in communal matters, working closely with Bury Local Authority. He became a governor of Manchester Mesivta nearly three years ago, and now looks forward to contributing to his old school as the Chair of Governors.

Rabbi Binyomin Sulzbacher, Principal of the School, said that he is looking forward to working closely with Mr Topperman, in order to raise the school to even greater heights.

Rabbi Sulzbacher announced the great satisfaction of the school with the excellent examination results last year, despite these being taken a year earlier than the norm. All the talmidim who left school at the end of the year are now learning in Yeshivos in England and in Eretz Yisroel. An outstanding 58% of all A Level exam papers sat achieved A* or A Grades with an overall 92% of exams sat attracting between A* and C Grade. Yanky Black achieved exceptional results, with three A Grades and one A* Grade. He is now learning in Yeshivas Merkaz Hatorah. GCSE exam result statistics were equally encouraging. 32% of papers attracted A* or A Grade and 88% received between A* and C Grade.