Welcome by the Principal

I am proud to be the Principal at Manchester Mesivta, one of the oldest Jewish high schools in Manchester. We have a track record of delivering a unique curriculum whereby pupils are able to have a strong Kodesh (religious studies) education, as well as studying the national curriculum and gaining a wide range of GCSE’s and A levels. Pupils are thereby able to enter adulthood equipped with all the tools he requires to fulfill his potential in life.

The combination of both the Kodesh and secular programme creates high academic standards and teachers will have high expectations for their students. Exam results have been traditionally well above national average. In line with Torah ethics, the school expects everyone to have good discipline and show respect.

The school considers itself like one large family and the atmosphere in the school is positive and friendly. Pupils will develop a sense of pride and belonging within the school. The sixth from act as excellent role models for the younger pupils and a sense of real growth is noticeable within in the school. We go to great efforts to ensure that all pupils needs are met and that appropriate support and intervention are put in place when necessary.

The school offers a variety of opportunities out of the classroom to develop the pupils multiple strengths; chess club, swimming club, school council, Duke of Edinburgh to name just a few. We offer overnight trips for all year groups which are always greatly enjoyed by both staff and pupils alike. We encourage pupils to develop respect for others and understand their responsibilities.

We have good relationship with our parent body and we see that a strong link between home and school enhances the chances for pupils success during their school life. On the school web site you will find a host of information but to get a real feeling of the school why not come down and have a tour of the superb facilities that we have to offer.

Rabbi Sulzbacher


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