Charging Policy

Charging Policy

Exam Fees

    • Candidates or departments will not be charged for changes of tier, withdrawals made by the proper procedures or alterations arising from administrative processes provided these are made within the time allowed by the awarding bodies.
    • GCSE entry exam fees are paid by the Centre.
    • AS entry exam fees are paid by the Centre.
    • A2 entry exam fees are paid by the Candidate.
    • Late entry, amendment and retake fees are paid by the Candidate.
    • Fee reimbursements are sought from candidates who decide to sit an exam after the late entry/withdrawal deadline/fail to sit an exam/do not meet the necessary coursework requirements without medical evidence or evidence of other mitigating circumstances.
    • Re-sit fees are paid by the candidate.

School Trips

      • Staff must think carefully about the cost of a school trip. Some parents have financial constraints and it must not be assumed that all parents can simply add extras to their school bill.
      • Costs should be kept to a minimum and parents must be given the chance to decline a trip on financial grounds. In such a case provision must be made for the student who cannot go on a trip.
      • Cost of the trip should be recovered by the school via the school office and quickly as possible.
      • Charge for a trip before it takes place. A list should be given to the school office along with a copy of the trip letter for them to keep track. The trip leader must take overall responsibility for all financial arrangements in connection with the trip.
      • It is not good practice for members of staff to handle cheques and cash brought in by students. If money goes missing for any reason then this can lead to unnecessary difficulties.
      • The letter sent to parents must make clear the method of payments. All cheques must be made payable to Young Generation.

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