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Code of Conduct

Manchester Mesivta



Arrive well prepared and on time 

·         Arrive on time at the start of the school day, to registration and all lessons.

·         Wear the correct school uniform or you will not be admitted into class.

·         Bring the correct books and equipment to your lessons.

·         Use break times to use the toilet, and not your lesson times!

·         If you have been absent from school, a letter must be handed into the school office explaining the reason on your return.

·         Permission must be requested in advance if you know you are going to be absent.



·         At break times, bags should be kept in your locker and must not be left in the corridors or taken into the canteen.

·         There is a vending machine by the entrance to the playground, this sells cold drinks and snacks and must only be used at break times. 


Work Hard and Sensibly

·         Work hard in class.  Complete all tasks set as well as you can.

·         Complete homework on time and to a high standard.

·         Take Pride in your work, appearance and behaviours


Have respect for your teachers and each other 

·         Stand when an adult enters the classroom, even in the middle of a lesson.

·         Before each block of lessons, books should be gathered for the lessons following.  You should not return to your lockers between lessons.

·         Avoid any form of violence and never be a bully.

·         Think about the feelings of others.

·         Behave in a sensible and orderly manner when in the classroom.

·         Do not call out or distract the attention of other pupils during a lesson.

·         Do not argue or answer back to your teacher.

·         Speak pleasantly and avoid using bad language.