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Equality of Opportunity Policy



This school is committed to equality of opportunity both in the provision of services and in our employment practices. We believe that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We are working towards and are committed to the elimination of unfair and unlawful discrimination in all our policies, procedures and practices. All employees have responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy. They will be made fully aware of this policy and must adhere to its requirements.

This policy seeks to:

         Enhance and promote a high quality, education service which is responsive to different communities and individual's needs;

         Assist in creating a productive, safe and prejudice-free work environment which treats all employees fairly and with respect;

         Demonstrate and promote a commitment to equality issues to both the community we serve and employees by challenging discrimination and valuing diversity amongst communities and staff;

         Develop stronger internal and external communications to ensure that people's views are listened to and responded to;

         Improve the motivation, performance, skills and morale of the workforce.

We acknowledge that operating the equal opportunities policy is the responsibility of every employee, particularly those who have line management responsibility for staff within schools.

Eliminating prejudice and discrimination in all aspects of school life is dependant upon the personal commitment of everyone within the school, so that equality becomes a central part of the school's planning, policy making, service delivery, regulation and employment.

All employees of the school will be made fully aware of this policy and must adhere to its requirements. Any employee who feels that they have grounds for complaint in relation to bullying, discrimination, harassment, or victimization has the right to pursue their complaint through the relevant internal policies and procedures. Members of the public can use the School's Complaints Procedure.


We are determined to ensure that every job applicant, internal or external, applying for a vacant post will receive fair and equitable treatment. We seek to recruit only the best people for the job. However, to ensure we recruit the best person for the job, selection for any vacant post will be based on merit alone using the school's Code of Practice on Recruitment and Selection.

We are committed to valuing and supporting our employees to realise their full potential and creating a diverse workforce that, broadly reflects the community in which we operate. Our commitment to employees is one of continuous development through training and raising of awareness, thus helping to make this policy fully effective.


Professional advice, support and inset training is provided to staff and the management within the school are committed to ensuring that the school's policies and practices are fully inclusive.


The school has pledged to promote and develop best practice in all equal opportunities and inclusion issues. This policy will be subject to monitoring, evaluation and review by the governing body