Catch-Up Funding

Catch-Up Funding 2014-15

Year 7:

  1. 10 pupils that were identified to be of lower ability in English (qualifying for Catch-Up funding), have a daily booster lesson from Mr Spencer at the end of morning lessons. This includes pupils with ‘catch up’ funding. Mr Spencer is a teacher specializing in English.
  2. The lower ability set in English have ‘reading aloud sessions’ with the sixth form in the library once a week for half an hour. This was also based on the results of the WRAT testing done at the start of the year. We will be assessing their levels again later on in the year to identify the impact of this programme.

Year 8:

  1. The three pupils qualifying for Catch-Up funding receive directed English sessions by Mr Spencer with a maximum of 2 pupils per session.
  2. They also have 1 or 2 sessions per week on SuccesMaker monitored by the SENCO.

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