Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

July 2016

 How we spent the Pupil Premium funding in 2015/16


Number of pupils Qualifying for Pupil Premium:

Term 1: 3     Term 2: 4     Term 3: 4

1. Social mentoring

Funding of Learning Mentors and counsellors. The SMT were made aware that some of the pupils qualifying for Pupil Premium seemed to struggle with social interactions in various educational settings. Their perceived low ability to pick up on social cues seemed to affect their education at school. The Learning Support Co-ordinator was in regular contact with both the pupils and the professionals involved both to monitor progress and to ensure that the pupils were happy with the support.

By the end of the year there was a marked improvement in the interactions of the pupils that were provided with this support. This in turn contributed to more active and appropriate interactions in lessons which in turn boosted their participation in mainstream education. An added bonus was that the pupils very much enjoyed the varied help made available to them.

2. Literacy Booster Lessons

Extra lessons were provided to boost the literacy skills of some pupils whose literacy grades were very low. The English teachers saw a massive improvement in literacy when this support was put in place.

3. School trips

The school subsidised school trips for pupils receiving the Pupil Premium. This ensured that all pupils were able to participate in extra curricular school activities.

The school were also able to provide an accessible vehicle to a qualifying pupil with mobility issues to better participate in school trips.

4. Rewards

Rewards were provided when set targets were met as an incentive for qualifying pupils.


Free School Meals were made available to qualifying pupils.


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