Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium



Eligible pupils:


% of School






Use of Deprivation funding

1. Booster Lessons

Extra lessons and one-on-one support to boost literacy and numeracy skills. Additionally, support is provided to monitor peer to peer curricular support.

2. Homework

Assistance was provided with homeworks and following this intervention all pupils with whom we intervened completed and handed in their homework’s on time. This in turn boosted their grades and the quality of all their work.

3. Social mentoring

Funding of Learning mentors and counsellors. We put programs in place to better integrate these pupils and improve their self esteem. This in turn contributes to fuller participation in class which has boosted the standards of work.

4. Incentives

Rewards were provided when set targets were met. The rewards were highly anticipated and resulted in some of the pupils putting much extra effort into their studies.

5. Extra-curricular bursaries

Funding is available to help pay towards the price of school trips and other similar extra-curricular activities, to enable fuller integration of deprived pupils in these activities.

6. Food

Providing extra food in addition to the FSM allowance where we feel it is necessary.

Free School Meals were made available to qualifying pupils.



When providing this extra support to pupils, in some instances the support has continued even when the pupil was no longer eligible. This is only done where we must continue if it would detrimental to suddenly terminate the support given. 


Pupil Premium Examination Results 2018


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